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Premiere Urns Hire in London from Casablanca Event Hire

A special event is only as good as the catering equipment services you retain. When you enlist the catering equipment services offered by Casablanca Event Hire you can count on your event being a complete success. Our urns hire include10L Hot Water Urns (approx 55 cups), 20L Hot Water urns (double the amount of cups), 10L Soup Urns hires and more. We also carry all the extras including 16L coffee percolators, tea and coffee cups and saucers, soup bowls plates and stainless steel spoons and ladles. Catering Urns hire can be used for a variety of purposes and if you hire several you can serve a variety of liquids and beverages with our water urns, several choices of soups with our soup urns, or always popular during the colder months; heat delicious mulled Wine.

Our urns hire are competitively priced as is our delivery and collection service which is optional (deliver within the London area including the South East, Central London, South London and West London); if you’d prefer to pick up and return your catering equipment hires from us you are free to do so.

For all your urns hire needs as well as everything else you could possibly need for your event both casual of upscale, call 020 7100 1432 and find out what it’s like to work with London’s premier event hire service. Our experienced event planning specialists are here to help you plan your special event and tell you about our wide range of catering equipment hires, or you can stop by our London showroom and meet with them in person.