Our Event at The Honourable Artillery Company

Our Event at The Honourable Artillery Company

The Honourable Artillery Company, whose Headquarters are in London, is a charity that is hundreds of years old, and occupies a beautiful house and grounds. They came to our showroom to enquire about our catering hire services. They wanted to put on an event within their grounds, but in early March when it could possibly be wet and cold. How were they going to pull off a spectacular evening?

We solved this conundrum. We specialise not only in gorgeous marquees that will protect your event and guests from getting slightly damp, but we also provide some of the best equipment available to wow your guests. Ranging from heating, lighting, furniture or a dance floor, there is nothing that we cannot provide for your event that they have not already thought of, including hedge hiring! But what is fast becoming their most popular asset in their event management is their catering hire.

Catering hire is often seen as something unnecessary when it comes to event planning, but do not be fooled: taste buds can only be tricked so far, and you want every single person that attends your event, whether it be wedding or conference, to know that they have been well-fed that evening. Especially important for outdoor events, when the usual accoutrements of a kitchen are no longer available, you may find that your caterers will refuse to work for you unless you have a catering hire company that they trust – and Casablanca Hire is esteemed throughout the profession.

The event at the Honourable Artillery Company went wonderfully, and it was all done to the perfect catering hire that Casablanca Hire was able to provide. We were commissioned to create an evening that was stylish and modern, and did so whilst putting up marquees and decorating them with lights. The catering hire was central to the success of the evening.

The sign of a good catering company is one that Casablanca Hire has in spades; very few people realised that it was there. The design of the marquee perfectly matched the incredible architecture of the house, occupied by the Honourable Artillery Company for almost four hundred years. As the evening drew in, the simple lighting brought the guests flocking, and the food came into its own. You should always be able to rely on us.

When you invest in catering hire, you know that all of the pressure has been removed from your shoulders. What is the point of hosting a party, or any other great event, if you cannot enjoy yourself? No, you need to delegate anything of importance, and food is potentially the most important facet of any gathering. By depending on a company with such an established reputation as Casablanca Hire, you know that your catering hire needs are in safe hands. The Honourable Artillery Company knew this, and their evening was a great success.