Royal Opera House Event

Royal Opera House Event

As London’s premier event hire company Casablanca Hire is used to advising a multitude of customers and clients over bespoke arrangements for their events.

Around Christmas time we always get interesting requests, which is great for us because we get to put on our thinking hats on!

For example, we recently worked with a high-end client who is a recognisable name in the jewellery and precious stones industry. They were holding an exhibition or sorts at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden and contacted us to explore the possibility of using our event hedges to provide a backdrop for their theme – Alice in Winter Wonderland.

The event was held on 10th December in the Royal Opera House’s Crush Room which is on the first floor, so logistically it was to be a challenge getting the 17 hedge units – required for the event – up the stairs at the Royal Opera House without lift or mechanical assistance!

Also, the client wished ideally wanted larger hedges. Our hedge units stood at 2 metres tall and there were no other hedge units on the market of a greater height.

What was originally a simple request became a tougher job logistically and meant we had to find a solution for the products to see if we could meet our client’s high expectations.

Casablanca Hire always enjoys a challenge, and we put our heads together and managed to solve the height issue with the hedge units. With a bit of ingenuity and a keen eye we increased the height of the hedge units to 2.4 metres, fitting the bill for the client who was very happy with the results.

When it came to the logistics of the operation, there was no other option but to roll up our sleeves and dig in!

We arrived on site at 6.30am to start moving the 17 hedge units up stairs. Our team excelled themselves, pushing and stretching themselves whilst being careful not to damage any part of the Royal Opera House and, of course, the hedge units themselves!

After a gruelling couple of hours we got into our stride and had the job completed by 12.30pm, with all the hedges set up for the evening event and our team needing refuelling!

As projects go, it turned from being what seemed to be a simple request into a project that required a bit of thought and flexibility. We were delighted with the results and were thrilled to say that our client was extremely happy with the results as the hedges helped create the perfect backdrop of Alice in Winter Wonderland for all the pieces and jewellery which were on display.

As London’s premier event hire company we take each project seriously and work with all our clients to ensure their event is all they hoped and wish for. At this time of year with festivities in full swing we are working hard to ensure your events are tastefully catered for.

Whether you are looking for hedge hire, table hire, chair hire or marquee hire in London or the South East, we are on hand to help make your event memorable and a great finale to 2014 or start for 2015!